Sales conditions  

Unless otherwise specified, the present sales conditions are applicable

Performance standard
All services provided under the agreement between the customer and Abasys shall be conducted in accordance with the highest standards of the profession, to the satisfaction of the customer.

The customer is responsible for providing Abasys with all relevant information and necessary help to ensure the assignment to be done within the agreed budget and delay.

Failure to comply with this paragraph shall constitute breach of the agreement and may cause immediate termination.

Change to the agreement
Any change to the initial agreement shall be notified and accepted by both parties who will agree to the implied commercial aspects of it.

Breach of agreement
In case of breach of agreement by the customer, Abasys shall charge the customer with an indemnification amounting to 15 % of the remaining work to be done.

Force majeure
Both parties shall be relieved from liability if and to the extent that either party becomes unable to carry out all or any of its obligations as a result of any event or matter beyond its reasonable control.

Either party will inform the other if it becomes aware of any such event or matter.

Payment terms
All sums that become due under the agreement shall be invoiced on a monthly basis.

Complaints shall be communicated by registered letter within 10 days after the invoice date, otherwise the invoice will be considered as accepted.

In case of non-payment on the due date, the customer will be legally bound to pay an indemnification of 15 % on the amount remained not paid, and will be charged with an interest payment of 1% per month.

Any documentation or information of any kind provided by the customer, for the purpose of Abasys consultant assignment shall be treated by the consultant as strictly confidential and he shall not, other than as required by the Law of the Land, disclose any such information to any third party without the prior written consent of the customer.

Any agreement between the customer and Abasys shall be constructed and governed in accordance with the Laws of Belgium.

In case of dispute, any demand for arbitration will be dealt by the Court of Justice, Liège.

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